Our Community

At Abe’s Place, we’re more than just a family-owned and operated business – we’re a proud member of our local community. That’s why we’re always eager to pitch in for causes that are meaningful to our owner and staff. From charity events to community gatherings, we’ve been honored to participate in countless events during our time in Clearwater.  We’re excited to continue supporting the Tampa Bay area for years to come!

Do you have an event you believe we would be interested in sponsoring?

At Abe’s Place, we’re committed to supporting our community by sponsoring events that make a difference. If you’re interested in requesting sponsorship or a donation for your cause, simply bring a letter of request on your organization’s letterhead (if possible) and hand it to one of our managers. We carefully consider all requests and will contact you if your donation is approved. Once it’s ready for pickup at our restaurant, we’ll give you a call. Thanks for thinking of Abe’s!